84% of buyers use the Internet in their home search!*

Actions taken as a result of using an Internet site:*
Drove by and viewed a home - 73%
Walked through a home they viewed online - 57%
Found agent used to search and buy home - 23%

Method of home purchase, by use of Internet:*
Agent/Broker - 81%
Direct from builder - 10%
Direct from previous owner whom buyer didn't know - 5%

Proven Studies:

The Internet is the most productive and cost effective form of real estate advertising available. No other marketing avenue comes close to the worldwide exposure your property receives via the net. No other media compares to the speed, efficiency or fleabites for such a low financial investment.

Independent research has proven that 84% of all buyers start their home search online and with the wide array of homes posted in various sites, you only have a brief opportunity to catch a buyer's attention, get them to read your ad and contact you. The competition out there is fierce so if your time and money are to be well spent, it is imperative that you select the proper site and you make every click count.

Now, more than ever, time is of the essence and in this market you do not have the luxury of trial and error. Why not put our experience to work for you? Over the years, through trial and error, we've finally created a listing promotion program program that will stop buyers in their tracks, create interest, and enhance your ability to capture the buyer.

How we do it:

We built Luxury Homes And Properties to satisfy buyers wants and needs. In our survey, buyers informed us of their expectations when searching online for a property. One general concern was that affluent buyers were distracted by websites that were not price restrictive.

So, what do buyers want in a real estate website?

Studies find that photos are the most requested item that buyers wish to see. We offer you the opportunity to place up to 8 photos per listing! We encourage higher resolution so all your photos are crisp and clear for enjoyable viewing.

Detailed Property Descriptions:
With our premium service, you can place a maximum of 2,000 characters of text and 3 paragraphs of detailed information providing buyers with unparalleled descriptions of your listing.

Other Benefits:
When you register with us, you will discover other services including; Featured Property and Agent Status, Biography Posting, Designation Logos, Personal Website Links, Text Notification and much more.


If you have a distinctive property to market, please accept our invitation to join some of the most elite real estate brokers in the world and submit your listings today!

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